Oxyor Terms & Conditions

Full payment should be received by Oxyor before the beginning of the course or programme.

If the participant or company cancels the course within six weeks prior to the start date of the course, Oxyor will charge a sum of EUR 125 excluding VAT to cover administration costs. If the participant cancels the course within four weeks prior to the course, the full course price will be charged if the spot(s) in the programme cannot be filled. If the spot(s) can be filled there will only be a EUR 125 charge excluding VAT for administration costs.

Cancellation or rescheduling of in-house training at less than two weeks before the scheduled start date will be subject to a cancellation fee of 100 percent of the contracted fee.

The participant or company accepts the responsibility for any damage to the premises or facilities provided due to the behavior of course members and will be liable for all repair and replacement costs.

Oxyor accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage to personal belongings of any participant during Oxyor's courses.

A participant must attend the duration of the course in order to be eligible for a satisfactory assessment. If time is lost through illness or any other reasonable cause, Oxyor will try to accommodate the participant on another programme. An additional charge may be made at Oxyor's discretion.

Oxyor reserves the right to postpone or cancel with a full refund to the participant/company due to insufficient enrollment or circumstances beyond Oxyor's reasonable control, such as illness, fire, strikes, etc.

The client understands and agrees that Oxyor shall not, in any way, be held responsible for any costs, including loss of airfare or other transportation costs, hotel expenses or other damages, which the client may suffer in the event that Oxyor cancels or reschedules a course.

If you are interested in a course but cannot attend to any of the scheduled dates, please contact us. Additional classes and other locations can be scheduled if there is sufficient interest.